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TRIBAL ODYSSEY Bellydance Teacher Certification

I'm passionate about each student's success on their bellydance journey. If you teach, you need knowledge, guidance, and most importantly, a plan for classes that's easy for your students to follow.

My goal is your goal: that your students - and you - feel uplifted, connected, and confident after class!

It's easier than ever to refine your teaching method following my on-demand videos that cover all aspects of TOBD. Visit my YouTube channel "Dance Eternal" and see the resources you can use in your classes - be sure to subscribe on YouTube

If you want the best attention to your teaching needs, I offer Teacher Certification for established bellydance teachers who want to teach Tribal Odyssey.
This is not a general skills or business management course, it is exclusively about teaching Tribal Odyssey Bellydance. Not many teachers have decades of experience in managing weekly classes, but I do. I've taught regular classes each week for over 25 years, and I'm always willing to share my knowledge, tips, and insight with teachers who are passionate about sharing the joy of dancing with others.
Read below to see what Certification in Level One is about; Certification for Levels Two and Three will certify you to teach at those and lower levels.

If you need live online coaching or help with your mastery of skills, I'm available for 30-minute or longer sessions; see for more details.

Your bellydance vision and journey is valuable, even if it's just a personal goal for yourself.

Tribal Odyssey Levels Syllabus

To apply for Level One Teacher Certification, study the Required Materials listed below then request an Application Form by email. You will be given access to a Google Site dedicated to Tribal Odyssey Teacher Resources. There you can access all the forms and information to view or download.

Briefly, Application is a three-part process:
PART ONE asks about your background and training in bellydance, and goals. Also included in Part One is a “Letter of Intent” stating that you agree to:
  • represent this format as “Tribal Odyssey” Bellydance; not ATS, tribal fusion, Egyptian style, folkloric, ethnic or any other style. The parent term is “ITS” (Improv Tribal Style), or “group improv” style.
  • refrain from performing choreographed versions of Tribal Odyssey in place of authentic group improvisation.
  • refrain from changing or adding any material to the curriculum or repertoire (not including classroom drills).
  • use and reference the existing Tribal Odyssey materials (Manual, DVD) instead of creating secondary works in video, print, or online.
There is no cost for submitting Part One of the Application.

For PART TWO you will be asked about the history of Tribal Odyssey, ATS, and ITS and how they differ from each other and from Oriental Belly Dance.  You'll be asked to submit sample class plans including drills and music to be used. Cost for submitting Part Two is $175.00.

In PART THREE, you must have a working knowledge of several basic Arabic dance rhythms, and be able to count music tempo correctly. You'll be asked for a video or in-person demonstration of your knowledge of Level One material. Cost for Part Three is $175.00.

Full details are available on the Google Site.

Your Application must be completed in full to be considered for Certification. Each part will receive a Pass/Fail grade; if any part of your application fails, you may resubmit that part at no additional fee for up to three months.

Level One Certification is valid for two years. Renewing is simple:

- submit a one hour video (on DVD) of you teaching class taken within the final three months before your Certification runs out. This can be broken into two or three shorter clips as long as the filming itself was done within the final three months.
Your voice must be audible above the music, and you and several students should be completely in view; filming from any angle is fine.

- OR submit a performance video* that meets the criteria of #3 in PART THREE

Cost: $50.00
total, and a new two-year Certificate will be mailed to you within 3-4 weeks.

If at the end of your two-year Certification period you don’t submit a video or if your video shows that your technique or information is incorrect then your Certification becomes invalid. To be clear, your skills are being judged in the video; the skill level of your students is less crucial though they should show adequate grasp of the material.

*Performance videos may be on DVD or send a link to it online. The class video should be sent as a DVD.

Required Materials for Level One Certification:

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