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Testimonials from Students and Teachers


Rajni (Georgia), teacher:

  "The thought of dancing with finger cymbals seemed nearly impossible to me when I started dance. Surely there was some great secret to it that would be beyond me! But the basic patterns, broken down and taught with corresponding Tribal Odyssey combinations, were not so difficult to learn. Having several ways to remember the patterns (counts/strokes and drum notation or teks and kas) helped the patterns to stick, becoming second nature so that the combinations and the cymbal patterns were part of the muscle memory. In turn, this leads to an easier time learning cymbals for choreography and improv. So the secret is really in the teaching, and then, of course, the practice."

Angela Petry (WV), teacher:

  "Tribal Odyssey provides a way for dancers who have never met to get together and instantly dance as a group. Many of my students have found a level of confidence dancing T.O. that they have yet to achieve dancing a choreography or attempting to improv."

Nancy (Virginia), student:

  "I think one of the strengths of Tribal Odyssey is that its extemporaneous nature keeps it fresh for the dancers as well as the audience. Unlike a choreography that could get stale over time, the fact  that each dance each time is new and different makes it exciting...the permutations are endless and invigorating. I think this kind of dance, because it makes people vary groupings and interaction, is a strong bonding impetus as well. It's terrific in my opinion."

 Halima (New York), student:

  "I like the cohesiveness of this style of group can involve students of various levels in a performance. It's challenging for any level of dancer as it's a fast moving improvisational-style dance."


Contact Anthea Kawakib about leading a workshop for you. Even students new to group improv understand the concepts quickly enough to experience its team-building qualities.  You and your students can learn the basics of this group improv style and experience the flow of bellydancing together in the moment without choreography.

Kawakib's warm energy and dynamic expertise enables any level of bellydance student to grasp the basic skills of group improvisation. This develops the group mind with focus and awareness; creating tribal teamwork rather than competition.

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