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bellydancers in circle

Synchronized group belly dance, without choreography

Tribal Odyssey is like ATS® but with a folkloric feeling reminiscent of the Egyptian Ghawazee. 

The short, versatile combinations give you creative freedom: 

  • The stage positions allow the group to face ANY direction

  • The formations work with ANY number of dancers 

  • The torso and arms are held naturally, without extreme arch or lift

  • There are more finger cymbal patterns! 

The benefits of group improv vs choreography

A troupe doing group improv can easily adapt to any performance space, with any number of dancers, and also has more choice of music and costuming!

It also benefits the dancers themselves: group improv seems to increase dancers' awareness of their stage presence, as they become aware of their place onstage, and aware of the performance space. Group improv helps them become more skilled in transitions, hearing rhythms, following the music, and more.

Try it with your group

The Video Tutorial menu is a la carte! Choose from Fan Veils, Sword, Finger Cymbals, and more.

Each topic includes lead-changing and stage patterns. It's a great way to add the excitement and versatility of group improv to your troupe repertoire.

Go to the Learning page to see the instructional videos available, from Foundation moves to Specialty Props. 

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