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Easy Skirt Panels Tutorial

We love tribal pants, but we love our skirt moves too! With "skirt panels" we can have both!


1. This “half-circle” veil (really a rounded rectangle) is folded in half on the floor; the extra folded material that’s ‘folded over’ will be removed. The straight edge (with the gold trim) will hang from hip to ankle when finished, so that’s the first measurement. 


Here’s a close-up view of what I’m cutting.

After I cut along the fold, the leftover material will make a scarf. The panels would’ve been too long if I didn’t take those 5 inches off.


Can you believe some people don’t know what a casing is? That’s okay! The casing is where the elastic goes. (I always use elastic, I HATE drawstrings!)

2. The edge that I just cut is now folded over and sewn, which forms the casing. Folding over twice will keep the cut edge from fraying.

Here you can see how I’m sewing the casing on my antique sewing machine.


3. See the purple elastic? Just make sure your casing is wide enough for the elastic to fit in easily. Attach a large safety pin to one end of your elastic (which should be cut to fit snugly around your hips) so you can slide it easily through the casing from one end to the other, making sure the “right side” of the material is facing out (so you don’t have one panel inside-out). Sew the ends of the elastic together.


If you’re still not sure what we’re doing, this photo might help make it clear.

That was easy, right? The straight edge will hang down in front, and the curved edges will be in the back. That way when we pick up the skirt panel to dance with, we'll be using the long straight edge; and the curves in the back will flow just like a skirt.

I think they rock! What do you think?

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