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How To Learn On Your Own

From the foundation of both basic (slow) and advanced (fast) combinations, to beautiful arm patterns, to special moves using Sword, Skirt, Veils, or Fan Veils, any element of Tribal Odyssey can be added to your troupe's cued improv repertoire to give you something unique. 

The Tribal Odyssey finger cymbal patterns are designed to complement several of the slow and fast combos, and can be learned separately as well. 

Explore the possibilities: on desktop, navigate via the drop-down menu above; on mobile, expand the mobile menu + buttons to see the subpages.

The Videos

Try any of the topics from the menu and see how adaptable Tribal Odyssey is and why it's so valuable for group dancing!

Each Playlist is a tutorial containing several short videos, available to stream on YouTube. Contact Anthea Kawakib to order an Access Pass to whichever Playlist you want. It's a one-time purchase, good indefinitely. Just log in to YouTube, watch and learn at your convenience. 

Go to the Basics pageSpecialty page, or Arm Patterns page.

The Manual

The Tribal Odyssey Manual (2011) is available as a PDF download. It covers in detail the steps, cymbal patterns, group formations, stage diagrams, and gives a complete overview of the format. The Props combinations (Skirt and Veil) are already included in the manual, and the newer additions of Fan Veil and Sword combinations can be found in the Addendum at the end of the PDF.

Go to the TOBD Manual page.



Duets or larger groups

Dance all together as a group, or take turns as  Duets with a back-up Chorus Line

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