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Learn On Your Own

Basics: slow moves, fast moves


Tribal Basics


Seven combinations & cues; three group formations.

This Playlist covers everything a group (of 2 or more dancers) needs for a real in-the-moment dance experience:

  • how to change leaders

  • how to enter a performance area

  • how to end a song (or a show)

  • transition between songs (or exit) 

Follow the dancers from behind and dance with the group, or follow one of the dancers in the Center Dancers Duet.


Fast Combos


A dozen fast-paced combos from Level Two including Turns and Travel Steps. Includes new ways to change leaders; plus MORE finger cymbal patterns. Use these moves in Duets, Trios; Staggered Line or Circle - just don't do them in the Chorus Line, use the Slow Combos. 


follow the free Skill Drill video to play finger cymbals with the combos!

street scene

Skirt Moves

Eight combinations featuring the skirt used in turns, kick-flares, and swishes. And of course lead-changing and dancing in different formations.

These combos will really show off your full skirts!

Not wearing skirts? Layer your look with Skirt Panels like we do, above: see the DIY sewing tutorial to make Skirt Panels, so you can do the skirt moves while still showing off your "fancy pants"!

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